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            Pershing Data Translation

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PCO file splitter for Pershing Data Translation 

The document below is available in its entirety as a downloadable
PDF document.  The PDF contains additional information about how
to work with your B/D and or Pershing to set up the appropriate
download.  To get the PDF file, click on the document link below.

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Xlate for CDS converts data from Pershing to a data format that can
be used by E-Z Data, Inc.’s CDS Investment Tracking system.

Pershing, a division of Donaldson, Lufkin, Jenrette, is a correspondent
clearing firm that executes stock, bond, mutual fund and other types of
transactions on behalf of its correspondent clients. A great deal of data
is generated in this process, much of which is made available and is very
useful to the Broker/Dealer correspondent client’s of Pershing, and their
Registered Representatives.

Making effective use of that very valuable and voluminous data can be a
daunting task. One of the ways that the process of managing that data
can be aided, is through the use of programs that take data in one format
and convert it to the format of a software product that you can use to help
manage your client information.

is such a product, and performs just that task. It helps you to automate
what would otherwise be a complicated, time consuming and costly manual
process of reviewing paper or electronic trade confirmations, client statements
and Broker/Dealer reports and typing that data into the proper CDS data
entry screens.

can process hundreds or thousands of transactions in a very short time,
and put that data in a format that CDS can then import into its databases.

What Do you Need to Run Xlate?

Before you can run Xlate, you will need a source of Pershing data, either
directly from Pershing or from your Broker/Dealer. The staff at AS&A
can assist you and/or your Broker/Dealer in obtaining the data files you need
from Pershing.

For the CDS version, you also must have a valid copy of E-Z Data, Inc.’s.
CDS software and their Transaction Download Module (TDM) with the
Pershing Interface.

What Does Xlate Cost and How do I Purchase It?

The price for Xlate is $650.00.  Major upgrades cost current users $300.00.

If you receive your Pershing data from your Broker Dealer in the PCO file
format, you will also need to purchase our XPCO program that unpacks
the data from the PCO file format and prepares it for Xlate, ViewPoint or
your other Investment Tracking software.

We will be pleased to ship you the software and manual on a thirty day trial basis.
To order, please download the Order Form, save it, print it, fill in in and fax or
e-mail it back to:

    fax: 310.398.8232 or e-mail asa@brokersoft.com

Thank You!