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ASC Brokersoft principals have a combined 50+ years in the Financial Services industry, with the majority of time spent in Broker/Dealer
system design, development and implementation including management from the project through the senior management level. All ASC
principals have experience in reporting directly to Executive Management and Boards of Directors.

Creators of the first on-line service for a Regional Broker/Dealer, it’s Registered Representatives, managers and home office employees.
The system delivers text publications, e-mail, commission and client transaction data and shareholder positions, trade confirmations,
management reports and allows for interactive clearing firm client account creation and remote on-line Electronic Order Entry and P&S
Blotter Reporting.  Data sources include Pershing,DST, self-processing mutual fund companies, NSCC Networking and
Variable Annuity companies.

Creators of the industry’s first Shareholder Statement CD-ROM product, which places shareholder statement duplicate images on either
CD or Internet/Intranet for the Branch office and Registered Rep.

Creators of the first combined Mutual Fund data download procedures and software to receive daily shareholder financial and non-financial
transaction data for a Regional Broker/Dealer.

Extensive experience with the end user population, ranging from the individual broker to large 100+ person offices. Software and help desk
support, data delivery, end user software. Established and managed working relationships with various portfolio and related software
system vendors for interface creation and data distribution.

Creators of a complete Broker/Dealer back office commission accounting and management reporting system, including both manual and
automatic commission data feeds from a variety of Product Sponsor systems and data sources.

Developers of a complete communication and data distribution system to deliver transaction data to subscribing offices and Reps.

Have completed development and implementation of custom Compliance Reporting systems for Broker Dealer clients and currently
provide consulting and management to various Broker/Dealers.

In addition, ASC are the developers and providers of proprietary Windows based software for the Securities industry for data translation, storage and reporting and analysis using PC Language and RAD tools and ODBC Database connectivity.

ASC provide consulting services ranging from advice, survey research and analysis to software design, development and implementation for a variety of Broker Dealer clients from small to large.

ASC is the provider of choice for a number of Broker Dealers in addressing their needs for a unified solution to the Broker Dealer's need for Consolidated Client Statements, Database Management and Financial Data Repository, Sales and Compliance Reporting and custom software development and enhancements.

ASC provides the technology advice, consulting, tools and support that help the Broker Dealer compete in an ever more competitive environment, where technology is a key factor to success.

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