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SDR - Securities Data Repository. 
    Data Aggregation - Store, Manage, Access and Report your Clearing Firm, Fund and Direct data including Positions, Registrations, Trades and Transactions.

SDD - Securities Data Distributor.
    Extract and Distribute data under your control.

Pershing2Excel -
    Pershing Data File Mapping and Conversion Output directly to Excel spreadsheets.

Custom  Pershing and DST data translation

 Compliance Analysis and Reporting

Consulting -
    We provide Consulting services on a range of management, software and other issues to a wide variety of industry clients:
    Broker Dealers, Insurance Companies, Planning Organizations, Home and Branch Offices, Financial Professionals and
    Other parties with an interest in the Financial Services Industry.
    Our skilled consulting and programming staff can locate or build a solution that will fit your requirements.
    We can perform needs analysis and create RFIs and RFPs on your behalf.

For more information please call 310-398-0232