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Securities Data Repository
Store, Manage and Access Your Data

Our SDR software acts as an Open Repository for data from a number of Sponsor
data providers including Pershing, DST Fan Mail and DAZL.  The SDR provides current
account valuations as well historical data storage on a firm wide basis, allowing the
Broker Dealer to query the data or make use of it as the they see fit, including feeding
other data distribution or database mechanisms already in place, or for report creation and
distribution. The repository can be had as a separate module, but comes as an
integral component if the BD acquires our Enterprise Suite or Vista products.

Use our industry Standard Interfaces to Securities and Financial Data
National Financial and Putnam Direct Download due 1st Quarter 2001
Schwab and other interfaces coming soon after...

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Create your own Data Groupings for Reporting, Data Distribution and Delivery.
Deliver Data via Dialup, Internet e-mail or Web Site Distribution based on your own
enterprise needs!

Tools for Data Loading and sub-set Database Creation!
Use Industry Standard Tools for Reporting and Data Management!
Standard or Custom Data Sources, Exports and Reports!

In addition to maintaining account information by provider, the SDR
also consolidates account information into a common format that is
utilized by other ASC brokersoft software packages, such as ViewPoint,
a Client Consolidated Statement system, and Vista, a broker/dealer compliance reporting system.

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