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An Introduction to ViewPoint

Welcome to ViewPoint Consolidated Client Statement system.   These statements are designed to be an easy to use method of delivering as consolidated a picture of your client's total worth as is possible. ViewPoint provides Consolidated Client Statements, both with and without detail. In addition, ViewPoint provides automatic data importing of the most common sources of Securities Data as well as security for that data by using password and encryption protection.

ViewPoint is simple and easy to use. It is designed to be used along side of and as a compliment to other more complex and labor intensive programs requiring substantial manual intervention to maintain current client positions and values. Many times, (about 80% of the time in our and our client's experience), the average client may not contribute enough dollars to your bottom line to justify the use of those more complicated tools to track and value their investments. However, in aggregate they contribute substantially to your practice, and individually those client's need for consolidated reporting must be addressed. The Financial Professional has an obligation to provide them with that level of service, and ViewPoint provides it.

The automation and simplicity features help put a lid on your data management and client reporting costs, and can substantially decrease the overall costs of relationship maintenance. ViewPoint manages your data and provides you with the advantages of data portability, data ownership and true independence.

Relying on your Broker Dealer to keep your data on their web site or mainframe and provide it to you should you need it, puts you at a very real disadvantage. With ViewPoint, you keep your data on your system...and control its use. Further, ViewPoint provides you with a Data Repository, a Historical Transaction Archive with historical and current reporting.

Using ViewPoint enables your practice to grow. Your time is valuable, and spending it managing complex databases and software is counterproductive. Technology can be a "choke" point for the growth of your practice. ViewPoint helps you over that technology stumbling block.

With ViewPoint, you get the additional ability to automatically link your client account across multiple data providers. You can create Household Accounts with our Profile Wizard!

You get color charting and Asset Allocation graphics. You get Variable Annuity reporting to the sub-account level. 

With ViewPoint, you also get the ability to export data from the reports in a number of formats, including spreadsheet, WORD and PDF formats.

The automatic data sources currently available include the DST Fan Mail Mutual Funds and Variable Annuity sponsors, PFPC (First Data) DAZL Mutual Funds, as well as all of your Pershing account and client data. These automatic data feeds are files that ViewPoint loads directly into its database and then into your client portfolios and Profiles. You may already have these data sources available to you if you are using other more complicated software.

DST Fan Mail data accounts for about 96% of all mutual fund family data, and more than 30 Variable Annuity sponsors. DAZL accounts for a large number of fund families not passing data through the Fan Mail portal, as well as a number no loads.

Pershing is a correspondent clearing firm responsible for more than 10% of the total NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ trading volume on any given day. Pershing has hundreds of correspondent Broker Dealers, and you probably clear your trades through Pershing.

This data may be provided by DST, DAZL and Pershing directly via Fan Mail, FTP and InfoDirect respectively, or through your Broker Dealer. You may already have the data files from Pershing and DST and others available to other software programs that you or your office uses.

ASC brokersoft can also provide the data to you through software or services provided to you either directly or in conjunction with your B/D.

With ViewPoint, you can add and Globally Update Client's Below-The-Line Assets (assets not held by one of the automatic data providers) including insurance policies, real and other personal property, securities and other instruments not held or managed by your firm. These important features complete your ability to maintain a total picture of your client's assets and account valuations. The data can be kept as current as the close of the market on the prior business day through a simple data download from your Broker Dealer, Pershing and/or DST, First Data or by special arrangement, through your account on the AS&A web site.

A ready to load ViewPoint database is also included as part of the installation package. Further, if we are working in conjunction with your Broker Dealer, each user can be supplied with a database already built in, containing just your client's data where you are the Registered Rep of record for the account. This database installs directly from the CD-ROM to your system, and is current up through and including the date of creation.

If you are purchasing this software on a retail basis, we provide you with a fresh database into which you may immediately begin to enter any DST, DAZL, Pershing and Below-the-Line data for your clients that you have available. As we mentioned previously, many Reps already have these data sources available to them for use with other software.

If you have any questions regarding ViewPoint, its installation or use, then please contact the ASC brokersoft home office  at 310.398.0232, or email us at asa@brokersoft.com.