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Welcome to the ViewPoint Consolidated Client Statement System tour.

ViewPoint is a powerful yet easy to use system that consolidates your client data in a Windows based Desktop
database that you control
. The dedication to ease of use can be seen in the main form below, where all functions are
easily accessible.

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The system has advanced Profile and Householding capabilities powered by our Profile Wizard Techhnology.
The Profile Wizard automatically links asset data from multiple sources into groups that you define, and continues to
identify new candidate assets for that Profile as they are automatically loaded into the database.

Creating a Consolidated Statement with ViewPoint is very simple.
     Step 1 - Lookup Assets  by Name, SSN or Account number.
     Step 2 - Select all the assets or just some of them
.   You can select all IRA or Individual or Joint Assets for instance.
     Step 3 - Run the Consolidated Statement

Step 1 - Lookup Assets.  For this example, we'll lookup accounts and assets by last name.

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Step 2 - Select some or all of the accounts and assets found.  All of them are displayed in the grid, and you can also
             double click on any item to view additional information about the account and asset.

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Hover on an item in the grid to view a detail line about the asset, or

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Double click to "drill down" and display a complete form of data about the asset and account.

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Step 3 - Run the Consolidated Statement

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The Statement will display in a window with controls that allow you to resize the report for viewing with your Client
or to print the report.  You may also export the report to a number of different formats including Word and HTML.
The data on the reports may also be exported to spreadsheet files that can be loaded into Excel if you need to.

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The basic Consolidated Statement always has a cover page with your name and firm identity, a Disclaimer page for Compliance

purposes, detail pages listing the asstes and accounts by Asset Category and graphics pages showing the distribution of assets
across categories and a special Mutual Fund Asset Allocation graphic show MF assets by Investment Objective.  The MF objective
categories are under your control.

Sample statement pages are shown below.

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