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Adding Below-the-Line Assets and Accounts

This portion of the Tour shows how to add assets that are not available via one of the many data download
interfaces.  Such data might be Mutual Fund or Clearing data, real or other property, Bank, Life, Credit
Union or other Institution data. Also, If the asset can be assigned a Cusip number, then it can be assigned
to any number of existing accounts
, and updating the asset will change the account valuations
for all accounts holding the asset.

Viewpoint provides a simple means to create a new account and asset record, and to provide a value for
those assets so that the Consolidated Client Statement can carry a complete picture of your client's
holdings, while minimizing your need to interact with otherwise downloadable data.

You may perform all the necessary functions to add, change or delete accounts; or add, change or delete assets
from the Below-the-Line Accounts menu on the menu bar of the main form.

Creating Below-the-Line entries with ViewPoint is very simple.
     Step 1 - Add a new Account
     Step 2 - Add a new Asset or add an existing Asset to the new Account

Step 1 - Add a new Account.  For this example, we'll add a new trust account belonging to
John and Jane Ballard.  Simply click on the Add New Account item from the menu as shown

vptbtl001.GIF (15647 bytes)

Fill in the new account information.  We have created a new John and Jane Ballard Trust Account, and selected an
existing asset, the "CA Schools" Bond for the new account.

vptbtl002.GIF (9265 bytes)

Note that we "forgot" to add a mailing address to the registration.  By selecting the Update Existing Account from the menu
shown above, we can enter the full or partial Tax ID of the account in the BTL Search dialogue, locate the account and make the
necessary changes.

vptbtl003.GIF (2724 bytes)

Change the Account to include a mailing address in the Registration section.

vptbtl004.GIF (9982 bytes)

Step 2 - Add a new Assett.  For this example, we'll add a vaction Home.  Simply click on the Add New Asset item from the
menu as shown below.

vptbtl005.GIF (13406 bytes)

Fill in the details of the asset to add, including the value.

vptbtl006.GIF (5283 bytes)

To change details about any asset, simply click on Update Existing Asset, and...

vptbtl007.GIF (13403 bytes)

Click on the Search button in the update dialogue box.

vptbtl008.GIF (7579 bytes)

Double click on any BTL asset in the search results grid to bring up the Update
Asset dialogue.

That's all there is to adding and maintaining Below-the-Line Accounts and Assets!

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